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Arvin Tejarat Pajouh Azma Co., Ltd.
Arvin Tejarat Pajouh Azma Co. Ltd. is an exclusive distributor in Iran. Arvin Tejarat Pajouh Azma Co. Ltd is doing its activity in the field of chromatography accessories and is developing its activity with the aid of a very experienced R&D group to meet all the chromatography and laboratories needs.


Daicel Chemical Industries

The technology leader in chiral separation dominating 80% market share world widely. RStech is the exclusive distributor in Korea for Daicel's chiral chromatography columns.

DongYung Corporation

DongYung Corporation is a medium-sized export and import company with sales revenue of 25 billion Won a year, which has been selling medicine materials and fine chemical products for the last twenty years.
DongYung Corp. cooperate for sales of medicine materials produced by RStech Corporation to the Indian market.

Hakko (八幸通商)

Hakko Chem is a specialized company for medicine materials with a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) plant at Kashima Industrial Complex in Japan as well as a factory in Nanjing, China. Hakko Chem invested capital in RStech and both companies are under cooperation for the sale of RStech's products in Japan.

Sumitomo Corporation

Sumitomo Corporation, one of the three major general trading companies in Japan, invested capital in RStech recognizing RStech's technological excellence and is now selling RStech's chiral intermediates all over the world through its overseas sales network extending to over 120 countries.

Optimize Technologies

Optimize Technologies, headquartered in the United States in America, produces a various kinds of chromatography products.
Currently, RStech is in a strategic alliance for the guard column (Opti-guard) with the company.

Regis Technologies Inc.

Regis Technologies, Inc., which was founded by Professor Pirkle of the University of Illinois, USA, for the development of Pirkle type CSP, has served for almost fifty years.
Regis Technologies as the sole worldwide distributor of ChiroSil, chiral columns produced by us, try its best to let the people know of excellent quality and performance of our products throughout the world. RStech takes charge in sales in Korea of all the products manufactured by Regis.

Woongki Science

Woongki Science, which is a specialized company for chromatography and the sole distributor in Korea for OptimaPak, RStech's general columns. cooperates with us for distribution of general and chiral columns manufactured in Korea.